Hydrogen powered buses

What is it?

A hydrogen fuel cell bus is an electric vehicle that uses compressed hydrogen as a fuel source

Fuel cell power modules built into the bus generate electricity through an electrical reaction, leaving only water and heat as by-products.

Fuel cell buses use electric motors to drive and may contain a small battery to improve acceleration and absorb braking force

The remaining structure and operation of the buses remains the same as for conventional buses

What do fuel cell buses offer?

Operational flexibility

No need for new street infrastructure, fast refueling - less than 10 minutes

Daily commute

350+ km without refueling

Zero emissions

Only water is emitted, saving CO2 emissions - associated with a source of nitrogen production


A network of European partners willing to share their expertise

Comfort for passengers and drivers

Due to reduced noise and comfortable driving

A direct response to an ambitious plan of decarbonisation of transport

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