Public Transport

Our scope includes the conceptual planning, implementation and instalment of power supply systems for electric public transport networks. We offer integrated technical and business solutions for the supervision of electric driving systems, power system measurement as well as for the development of construction and maintenance technologies. 

Up to 33 years of experience

Due to 33 years of experience and continuous progress our company has been a major player in developing the public transport systems in Budapest, Bratislava and Riga. We also played a significant role in the planning and construction of trolley bus, tram, subway and suburban train lines. 

Deltaway has developed a number of catenary equipment and other constructions. By the millennium we had installed 50 kilometres of complex tram railways, overhead wires and connecting power supply systems all over Europe. We have participated in the refurbishment of the nearly 10-kilometre long line of tram no 1 and also of the tram line no 4 and 6 in the Grand Boulevard of Budapest. We took part in the reconstruction of tram depots in Budapest and the country as well as in the development and expansion of the tram and trolley lines in Riga. Furthermore, we also contributed to the construction of electrical traction infrastructure necessitated by track realignments and traffic detours resulting from the construction of the subway network.

Among our special commission it is worth mentioning the construction of the power supply systems for the purpose-built crane runways for the Salgotarjan Glass Factory and the Dunaujvaros Cokeworks. 

We have made study plans and power supply system plans to develop their power grid for England, Bangladesh, Estonia, India, Iran, Latvia, Switzerland and Mexico.

It is the complex engineering labour, national and international, experience, innovation, expertise, flexibility and quality that make our corporation truly outstanding in the field of urban electric public transport. 

Scope of Activities

Power supply systems, catenary networks, signalling and control equipment, switching and point heating equipment, electric equipment of trolley garages.

We also provide solutions for

Planning and constructing electric transmissions systems, measuring electric systems, developing construction and maintenance technologies and programmes, developing catenaries and other constructions for the implementation of systems, planning and construction electric crane runways. All the above activities are performed in compliance with the regulations of the quality assurance systems EN ISO:2008 and EN ISO 14001:2004

Our Resources

Our computer system network facilitating all planning and work management processes. Our headquarters offer perfect background for the planning and execution of our projects. On site, well-equipped workshops guarantee quality manufacturing – smithery, scraping and fabricating, electric prefabricating and vehicle repairing facilities. Human resources – our staff of engineers and technicians is able to carry our all planning, measurement examination and management tasks, while our highly qualified electricians perform manufacturing and site instalments with a minimum involvement of subcontractors. Our fleet of transport and heavy duty vehicles guarantee our high quality performance in construction. In our warehouse we keep 200 000 worth of material on stock to provide for all manufacturing and on the spot construction works.

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